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Pray for daylight
January 2012
Fri, Jan. 27th, 2012 10:43 am



Mon, Jan. 28th, 2008 02:21 pm

Everything has changed over here. The last time I perused the LJ universe none of this fancy stuff was around. I likes it. Anyway, what am I doing back here? Who knows. I've been reading some peoples LJs for quite some time now, lurking in the shadows and what not. See just because I'm not here in text, does not mean I am not here. I write over at my website when I feel so inclined, but I'm getting tired of the blogging thing. Not that I don't love writing, because writing is in my blood, it's who I am. I'm just jaded by the multitude of avenues there are to go down when it comes to talking about yourself on the internet.

When I first found LJ, wow, back in god knows when, I think they were still beta? Sheesh, anyway, It was the only thing around. Wait, I lie, Movable type and Wordpress were just emerging but weren't overly used at the time, everything was too complicated, it was easier to stay with something like LJ and hell, it still is really. Running a website is the pain in the arse although for some ungodly reason, I still do it. I still pay for it, in more than one way.

I like LJ, it's always kept you close to people, I guess that's why I chose it eons ago.

So, I'll just be writing in both places, here and over there, you know where that is, it's on my profile. For some reason I feel like I can speak more freely here, why the hell, I don't know.

I may get into some sort of designing frenzy again if I can drag myself away from my Sims today. They are being overly needy and demanding my attention.

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Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 01:42 am

I've been posting for a long time now over at my site www.shadowmuse.com.
That's really where I do all my blogging these days. I may do something with this at some stage but for now, that's where you can find me ;)

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Sun, Jul. 24th, 2005 10:51 am

You know how the whole meeting someone over the internet thing never really works? Or it works, but then you're left wondering why you ever fucking bothered? Well none of that is true in my case and I'm sitting here in the same room with the guy I've been speaking with on the net for at least 4 years. We decided to say fuck it and do something about it. He came all the way from the US to see me and has been here for almost 6 weeks now :) I'm incredibly happy! WE are incredibly happy.

So If I seem preoccupied? Well.. I probably am >:D

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Tue, Mar. 1st, 2005 10:34 pm

I'm still here .. honest! I'm just trying to balance the rest of my life with my internet obsession. It's not easy you know? Ok so now you have all felt my pain and the pity of not being able to spend countless hours doing nothing online =D I'm going to go AGAIN before I start rambling. Hopefully the next post will be a little more about what and not why.

MUST buy Conor's new CDs.. there and there, 2 of them at once is just overwhelming!

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Wed, Jul. 21st, 2004 09:06 pm

I had a half day at work today. I was to attend an early afternoon appointment at my ObGyn (which is code for 5 minutes for $80) All is well it seems. Well to a point. More tests have been scheduled. An endless barrage of them in fact. My boss is going to be overjoyed to hear that news. Another appointment in a month, another half day. These things just have to be done.

I was also having a crisis about a personal training appointment I had at 6 which I had to cancel due to the fact that I couldn't fit it into my day. It just wouldn't squish into my 24 hours, so I cancelled. Fuck it, I don't care. I don't think I should have to feel guilty about it either. I'm a busy girl these days.

Came across some wise fatherly advice in a mag I was reading on the way home yesterday. Sums up my theory today.

'We had a school tennis tournament and this guy was beathing me. I let go of my racket and shouted: "Bastard!" Then I saw my dad approaching. "Having fun?" he said. "No," I replied. He said: "Well, don't do it," and went back to his seat.'

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Tue, Jul. 20th, 2004 10:05 pm

Took my LJ back, which was mine originally, then wasn't, and now is again.

So there :P

My site is temporarily dead so I'm over updating here for a while, or might just make it permanent again. It's been sitting here quietly for long enough!

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Sat, Mar. 22nd, 2003 08:06 pm

Yeah, I think I might resurrect this thing :\


Tue, Sep. 10th, 2002 03:38 am

I keep a lot of stuff. I realized that today whilst sorting through the masses of text files and doc files on my computer. I keep the strangest things. I really need a more organized method.
I went searching for something today that I just know I had kept and couldn't find it anywhere. I know I kept it. After doing a search I find it in my temp folder. How it got there I do not know. but anyway, organized chaos.. sometimes it's easier that way.

Spending all day trying to work out how to stream .ra files through my site. Downloading 9Mb programs only to find out that the 1Mb one I was looking for all along was right in front of my eyes. Long evening. I'm also trying to figure out why when I record vocals I get really bad humming in the background. I figured maybe it had something to do with some power source to close to the mic, but I don't know. I need to figure it out because it's ruining recordings.

Yeah, 3am again...

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Tue, Sep. 3rd, 2002 10:45 pm

Hmm, you know. Twice my mother has told me something over the past two days and both times I have no clue what she said to me. The first time was being woken up and I'm standing at the door, blinded by the direct sunlight, all I could do was nod and utter the occasional ok. I can't remember what she wanted now.. Second time was the phone , half asleep again. Why is she calling only at these times. I guess I should call her back when I'm able to understand simple sentences again heh. Poor mum, she's getting so frustrated at me.

I'm about to go to bed after having been up for almost two days. Sleep has not been my friend lately. Hopefully it won't put up too much of a fight this time. Minties and Acid Bath were the only thing keeping me going.. I'm out of both so I guess it's bed for me

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